What’s new sanghoki Peekachu?


My work friend Jarz turned me on to “Cowboy Junkies”. The music is decent, the lyrics above average, something about it is pretty damn good though. I reccomend “Murder, tonight, in the trailer park”.

I had knee surgery 2 weeks ago. It’s still swollen. I feel like a 97 year old man. The pain pills aren’t so bad.

I just won a rebuy tournament on Full Tilt. It cost $15. That includes a rebuy and the add-on. I roll it cheap like that.

Here’s the sanghoki done by the first seven picks in our big and very old fantasy football league :

  1. Tomlinson (decent year, but not as dominant as before)
  2. S. Jackson (meh)
  3. F. Gore (meh)
  4. L. Johnson (out)
  5. J Addai (worthwhile)
  6. Rudi Johnson (My Pick and worthless)
  7. S Alexander (Otis..later traded to me. Worthless)

I got Adrian Peterson in the 4th. That WAS working out pretty well. Last week I had to depend on Maurice Morris. Who the hell is Maurice Morris? My team is 7-3-1.

I played at a friend’s house a week or two ago. I lost $400. Once I ran KK into AA postflop. He got all creative like. The other time I just played like a fool.

I had worked out a trip to Vegas for the blogger gathering. I was planning to book the flight Monday, and asked the boss that morning. He said I could have that Thursday but not the Friday. That seemed kinda pointless but utterly typical.

I downloaded the “In Rainbows” album by Radiohead last week. For those who don’t know, the band put it on their site and allowed the fans to decide what it was worth. Pay whatever you want or pay nothing. I’ve seen estimates about these fans and what they’re up to. A good many just took it for free. I spend a good long while hating those “fans”.

Then I downloaded the album to my laptop. For Free. I couldn’t find my wallet at the time. I do, for what it’s worth, feel pretty bad about it.

Actually, I can’t find my wallet right now.

I kinda like my job again. I have a new co-anchor with a good sense of humor. I still don’t see myself being a TV guy for the rest of my life. Anyone hiring in PeeArrr?

I have a bunch of those $75 dollar tokens on Full Tilt and now I regret acquiring them. I never play in $75 tournaments.

I miss Vegas. The next big trip for me will be CJs wedding. I’m really looking foreward to that. They have a casino. My best friends will all be there. I plan to get drunk. I plan to get historically….even legendarily drunk. I have a history in New Orleans.

I like the TV show “Weeds”. I just watched the season finale. That woman is attractive.

I have to go now, to my daughter’s end of season soccer banquet.

She’ll get a trophy.

We all deserve a trophy.

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