Top 5 WSOP Bad Beats


We all remember them, the huge bad beats that we saw on television. As much as they suck on your computer at home, or in cash games with a friend, they have to suck 10x more on cable television. Today, I’ve picked out five of the worst bad beats in the history of the WSOP.

  1. Humberto Brenes vs Chris Moneymaker (2003)

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Moneymaker Ocho! Some of you younger guys might not remember this one, but Moneymaker had a hell of a run when he won in 2003, luckboxing left and right. Without him, though, poker might not have been the same. Here, Moneymaker bitcoin blackjack goes up against Brenes with 88 vs Humberto’s AA. After a 30,000 chip bet from Brenes on the flop, Moneymaker raises enough to put Brenes all in.  The Shark calls and is devastated on the tur.

  1. Phil Ivey vs Darvin Moon (2009)

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Phil Ivey making the November 9 was the talk of the entire poker world. Ivey’s status, along with rumors of ridiculously sized prop bets, fueled fans every where to cheer for Ivey. Even with the huge contingent cheering him on, Ivey couldn’t outrun Moon’s luck. You gotta give it to Ivey, though. The dude didn’t even stop eating his apple.

  1. Jen Harman vs Corey Zeidman (2005)

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I debated putting this one on here. It was very early, so the magnitude of the hand was low. The hand was just so sick, though, and I can’t imagine anyone worse to lose to, after having to listen Zeidman’s post-hand comments.

  1. TJ Cloutier vs Chris Ferguson (2000)

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This was another one I debated. It very well could have been #1. The hand took place at the 2000 WSOP, with TJ Cloutier and Chris Ferguson heads up. Cloutier had battled back to nearly even in chips and this bad beat kept TJ Cloutier a main event title.

  1. Matt Affleck vs Jonathan Duhamel (2010)

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I couldn’t justify not putting this one at #1, over the Cloutier/Ferguson hand, for a couple of reasons. Affleck, known as mcmatto online, had a deep run the year before, making this run impressive and horrid to be cut short in this fashion. The hand would have also given Affleck the chip lead with 15 left, putting him in a comfortable position as the action headed down to the final table. Also, in 2000 Chris Ferguson won $1.5 million for winning, while in 2010 the top prize was nearly $9 million! All of this, plus the beat coming on the river, makes this one the most brutal beat I’ve seen. Vomit-inducing.

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