SenEx Web Design Using Audio and Video Techniques

People are hungry for information. In today’s fast-paced world
the average person needs to constantly upgrade their knowledge
of ever changing and more complex products and services. Things
that were good for you yesterday today are harmful; products
that don’t exist today will exist tomorrow. So it doesn’t
matter if you are a homemaker, retiree, or a buyer for an
international corporation, the need-to-know is constantly with
us and it creates what Richard Saul Wurman have described as
“Information Anxiety”.

We just don’t have the time to study everything we need-to-know
or want-to-know that affects our business and personal lives. We
need the information fast and in an easily digestible format.
And we need that information presented in a way that will make
it easy for us to retain it.

The power of Web-audio and video is their ability to illicit
experiences by presenting information in a linear narrative
that appeals to the senses of sound and sight. This ability
attracts and focuses an audience’s attention on the material
you want highlighted; it presents that material in an easily
digestible format; it clarifies the meaning and significance of
critical details; and it penetrates viewers’ consciousness so
that the information is retained.

The following types of audio and video SenEx Web-presentations
can be used to deliver a variety of material:

1. Web-commercials and Email Campaigns
2. Special Promotions and Product Offerings
3. Product Descriptions and Overviews
4. Testimonials and Reviews
5. How To Instructions and Tutorials
6. Frequently Asked Questions and Q&As
7. Expert Lectures, Analysis and Opinion
8. Background and History
9. Personality, Staff, and Business Profiles


We all have something we want to sell: a product, a service, a
plan, an idea, or even ourselves. And anyone who has ever run a
sales department will tell you the best way to sell is through
human interaction and the best way to emulate that on a website
is with Web-audio and video that uses Sensory and Experience
Design techniques to deliver the message.

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