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Don’t place external links on a landing page. Just allow them the option to proceed into completing the form and converting into a customer.

Place privacy policies on the landing page. This instills confidence.

Think of the website. Note their Call to Action is the hotspot at the top-right of all pages – add to cart, one click ordering, etc. This may also apply to you.

Writing Style and Content

* Spend time on your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) and place it into the center of the Golden Triangle. A UVP is the core differentiation of a company’s product or service from those of competitors. A complete UVP will describe the market and a company’s competitors and the key difference between competitors and your own company.

* Ensure that you don’t have big paragraphs. Visitors tend to scan pages instead of reading all of the text on them.

* Write using headers above paragraphs that summarize the following text.

* Use bullets where possible as visitors can quickly scan them. Search engines also prioritize bullets instead of long paragraph text.

* If you want to add a picture ensure that it is going to reinforce your message. You can easily lose significant sales by having the wrong picture on the landing page.

Virtual Employees – Get Speaking Characters that can Engage Your Visitors!

* If the purpose of the landing page is to provide a white paper or article then create an image for the paper with enlarged text like the one below and place it on the page:

The Form

* Keep the number of fields on the form as small as possible. This is critical in getting them to complete the form.

* Add a Comments textbox asking for the visitor’s input. It can be key to qualifying leads. Those that complete this form with the services they are looking for should be contacted immediately. Here are some requests you can use for this Comments box:

* What is biggest problem that you need to solve now?

* What is the purpose of your project?

* Please list your goals for this project.

* How can we help you?

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