Attach importance to life anti-aging details


With increasing age, aging is an irresistible of the order of nature, but we can delay the efforts of this change, so that the skin look more healthy and young.


A, air


Fresh air have a lot of good to you body. To keep the skin not exposed to sunlight, should wearing straw hat and sunglasses be obscured.


Note: Let cheek full of shiny health tips – every day, breathe fresh air.


B, brown


Brown spots may appear in your hands and face, you can add some lemon juice into the melasma cream smearing above, 10 minutes after washing hands and face clean, then evenly smear skin cream.


Note: If you persist in doing so once a week, the spots will gradually disappear.


C, cleaning


Wash face in the morning and evening, in order to remove dirt, oil and dead skin. First use cleansing product to message the face, and then washed with clean water. Also you can read about “where can fillers be used on face” here



Note: to avoid wash your face with soap.

Stress and thick horniness cause acne

Under the pressure of a long period of time, easily out of acne, for example, prior to the examination, or often strained easy to sleep, are particularly vulnerable to such acne.


Solution: If your tension is intermittent, so too do not have to worry about. Acne such as the duration of not too long a period as long as the strengthening of clean acne, to ensure sleep, acne will soon disappear. If you have a tendency to autonomic nervous system disorders, on the face of acne has been no better, I suggest you first look at the main psychological treatment, such as the situation improves, acne will automatically disappear.


reasons 2: thick horniness


Sometimes, dry skin is also president of the acne, is not too much fat secretion, but the accumulation of a horny plug the pores, “stuffy” a acne. Summer sun will cause excessive thickening of the skin and plug the pores.


Solution: to strengthen the day-to-day basis, clean, on time and do a good scrub, to maintain smooth pores.

Chloasma patients with day-to-day maintenance

Countless beauty people tell us to remove melasma the most critical is the sustained, must not yield to the temptation of rapid removing and any commitment, so we recommend that we adhere to the day-to-day maintenance steps in some special way, after a period of time you will find spots in the Gradually weakened.


Special ways 1, white make-up water wet apply in the face.


Make-up water like Essence of texture, moisture white make-up water wet apply to the part of melasma, can greatly enhance the whitening effect.


Special ways 2, Simple massage


Massage can promote the skin’s metabolism is an important step to play down the spot, twice a week with the use of whitening effect of the massage cream massage is a great method; at the same time, daily whitening cream can be used in the liquid gently point spot, and light Massage them to absorb light; with both hands every day can be a wide range of facial massage 3 circle, to the center of eyebrow, two-handed coated face, carried out from the massage.




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